Pet Supplies


Owning a pet is a significant responsibility that you can only take on with the proper pet supplies. At Luca’s Barkery, our selection of pet supplies, pet toys, and pet food in Cleveland are hand-picked to ensure our customers and their pets have the highest quality pet supplies possible.

Contact us or bring your furry friend to our pet store in Cleveland for the pet supplies that will make them happy and healthy.

Healthy, High-Quality Dog Food in Cleveland

Our Barkery is known for creating wholesome homemade dog treats with clean ingredients your dog will love.

But we also carry natural dog food in Cleveland from brands like Nulo, Primal, Earth Animal, Fromm, and many more manufacturers of wet dog food, raw dog food, and other types of natural, high-quality dog food in Cleveland.

We have high standards for what we feed our dogs, and we keep those high standards for what we feed YOUR dogs. So we make sure that every brand of dog food in Cleveland we carry holds that same standard for wholesome ingredients that we expect, whether it’s raw dog food, dry dog food, wet dog food, or freeze-dried dog food. Luca’s Barkery is your destination for healthy food and treats of all kinds.

Pet Birthdays & Celebrations

Your pet is part of the family, and just like any other part of the family, they should be celebrated and appreciated throughout the year.

When you just want to pamper them with a gift from a pet boutique in Cleveland, Luca’s Barkery has custom cakes, treats, and birthday gifts for dogs in Cleveland as well as cats and other pets, to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

When you want luxury dog supplies in Cleveland but don’t want to pay luxury prices, we carry every kind of pet products from baked goods and pet food to new toys and gifts.

Special Occasion Cakes for Dogs

Pet Toys

Does your cat or dog love getting new toys? We know ours do, which is why we fill our pet boutique in Cleveland with a wide range of pet toys. We take special care to ensure that our cat and dog toys come from reputable manufacturers who use quality fabric, rope, and other materials. Whether your animal is a tough chewer or more of a cuddle bug, we have the toys to fit their play style.

In addition, we sport a wide variety of harnesses and dog collars in Cleveland to keep your pup safe, comfortable, and identifiable. Our leads and dog leashes in Cleveland help make it easy, enjoyable, and even fashionable to walk around your neighborhood.

And of course, we can’t forget about our feline friends as well! Our pet boutique carries cat toys, cat treats, beds, and more.

As the best pet store in Cleveland, we combine fashion and function with these products – your pet should be comfortable in their collar or harness, but it’s also important for it to restrain them properly when you need it without putting strain on their bodies. And of course, you want it to look great on them!

So if you’re looking for a cat collar or dog harness in Cleveland, leashes, pet bedding, or even fashionable apparel for your dog or cat, we have you covered.

Dog Chews

Dogs are active creatures, and natural chews are the best way to occupy your pet with mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. Tougher chews can withstand hours of play, even amongst the most aggressive chewers, and some can even be used for dog training. Our chew bar contains a wide variety of items to keep your dog happy while promoting good dental health. Stop by Luca’s Barkery today for a chew that is guaranteed to make your furry friend happy and healthy.

Pet Food in Cleveland

We all want to keep our pets happy, healthy, and with us for as long as possible. But commercially produced pet foods are full of unhealthy additives and fillers that can make that health difficult to maintain.

At Luca’s Barkery, we specialize in selecting healthy, high-quality pet food in Cleveland for dogs & cats.

Treats & Cat Food in Cleveland

We may be a Barkery, but that doesn’t mean we’re not a friend to cats and cat lovers as well! Part of being the best pet store in Cleveland is making sure we cater to all our furry friends! That’s why our Kitty Korner is a space designated to serve the needs of your furry feline friends. We carry toys to keep them engaged, treats to keep them happy, and food and cat litter to keep them healthy. If you have a cat, Luca’s Barkery has the cat supplies you need to help them live all 9 of their lives to the fullest. We’re just as strict about the ingredients and quality of our natural and healthy cat food in Cleveland as we are our dog food!

Just like with dog food, we carry dry cat food, wet cat food, and more, but the common thread in all of it is that we only sell cat food in Cleveland that is wholesome and healthy, with natural ingredients and no unhealthy fillers.

If you’re looking for cat food in Cleveland, and you need something that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters while still giving them the nutrition they need, Luca’s Barkery has the cat food for you.

Our Pet Store in Cleveland Has the Pet Supplies You Need

You never want to sacrifice quality when it comes to pet supplies. At Luca’s Barkery, we understand how essential quality pet supplies are for sustained pet health and happiness.

As a result, we hand-select our products from the best manufacturers of dog food, dog toys, and other dog supplies in Cleveland. Stop by our local Cleveland pet store or contact us for all your pet supply needs.

Visit us in store!

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