Luca’s Barkery is an upscale pet boutique in Cleveland is the perfect place to bring your furry friend for a day out and show them how much you care.

Everything in our dog bakery and pet boutique is made in-house or handpicked for quality. Our products are safe, healthy, and pet-approved, so stop by our store or give us a call for the quality pet supplies your dog or cat deserves.

Luca’s has more than cakes. Our carefully selected products are curated for your special puppy or kitten.  Our boutique dog accessories are unrivaled across Cleveland. A loyal pet deserves upscale products that pet owners can use with confidence. Luca’s strives to treat your pet as our own. Our high standards have led us to be a top rated pet boutique in Cleveland.

Dog Leashes

Leashes and dog collars in Cleveland are essential pet supplies. As simple as they may seem, a quality leash goes a long way in keeping your dog safe and comfortable during walks.

Dog collars also seem like very simple things, but they help to identify them in public and reflect their personality (and yours)! Dog collars and leashes together help to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and stylish.

All of the leashes and dog collars in our Cleveland pet store come from the top manufacturers who use durable materials to make their products. We carry a wide range of styles, including retractable leashes, standard dog leads, multiple-dog leashes, and seat belt safety leashes, all in various patterns and colors. Naturally, we also carry cat leashes and cat collars as well!

Dog collars at Luca’s Barkery also come from the most reputable manufacturers whose durable pet supplies in Cleveland will last you and your pet a lifetime. Our Cleveland pet boutique is full of collars of all sizes, colors, and patterns, so stop by and find the perfect one for your pet.

Dog & Cat Collars

Keep your pet safe and easily identifiable with a collar that reflects their personality. The collars at Luca’s Barkery come from the most reputable manufacturers whose durable pet supplies will last you and your pet for years to come. Our pet boutique carries collars of all sizes, colors, and patterns, so stop by and find the perfect fit for your pet.

Dog & Cat Harnesses

When it comes to just going on a comfortable walk, a dog harness (or cat harness) can be a better option than a collar because it prevents them from slipping out and running free.

Dog harnesses evenly distribute the pressure caused by the leash and pulling, meaning it avoids the neck and throat damage associated with collars. One common criticism we hear of dog harnesses in Cleveland is that they’re too much trouble to put on, or that they’re uncomfortable for the dog. We disagree – it’s all about finding the right one!

If you think a dog harness is too much trouble to put on your pup, we challenge you to come down to our pet boutique in Cleveland and see them for yourself. Many of them are as simple to wear as any collar, while also providing a greater degree of comfort and safety.

Our collars and harnesses are stylish too! Our pet boutique is filled with harnesses of all sizes and colors, so stop on by and find the harness that best matches your pet.

Dog & Cat Apparel in Cleveland

Make sure your dog or cat is dressed to impress at our pet boutique in Cleveland. We have a large selection of quality pet apparel for your dog or cat, both for function and style.

Looking for functional seasonal pet clothes to ensure your fur baby’s comfort and safety, like winter boots to protect them from snow, ice, and salt? We have you covered.

Just looking for a cute outfit to take pictures with? We have just what you need. Stop by our pet store today for quality cat and dog apparel and other pet supplies in Cleveland.

Gifts for Dogs in Cleveland

Sometimes you just want to treat your pup with something new and special. Maybe you want a birthday gift for your dog, or maybe they’re just a good pup and you want to give them something nice.

Give them something they will love with a gift from the pet boutique at Luca’s Barkery. From dog toys and dog bedding in Cleveland to dog ice cream and homemade dog treats, we have the perfect gift for any pet and any occasion – or no occasion at all!

Bring your pet so they can pick their gift or swing by alone so you can keep it a surprise. Luca’s Barkery is bound to have a gift that fits the occasion.

Pet Wellness Supplies

At Luca’s Barkery, we value pet health over everything else. We carry a variety of carefully chosen pet wellness products that improve your pet’s quality of life by keeping them happy, healthy, and clean. Our pet boutique has a great selection of wellness products your pet needs to live the life they deserve, from CBD products for their calming and healing properties to all-natural shampoos, skincare, and flea and tick prevention.

Our pet boutique in Cleveland has all of the wellness products your pet needs to live the life they deserve.

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Luca’s Barkery is one of the finest pet boutiques in Cleveland. We handpick every product in our store so you and your pet can be confident in the quality of the products that line our shelves. Call us for more information or stop by Luca’s Barkery today for the pet supplies your furry friend deserves!

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Luca’s Barkery is conveniently located in the Hingetown neighborhood of historic Ohio City, immediately west of Downtown Cleveland. We offer a unique indoor and outdoor space for you and your pup to pick out some goodies to enjoy, and take advantage of our custom mural and fun decor for an awesome photo op with your pet! Come visit us today!